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i've done a ton of traversing chicago this past week or so, the best kind. completely unplanned but there i was, riding all kinds of buses and going in all kinds of stations to go places.

i went out to a couchsurfing bar night last week in wicker park, and met some great people. people i was convinced do not exist in this city.  a lot of them looked like hipsters so i didn't talk to everyone i met, but met a german guy who i hung out with over the weekend.  we went to the continental at chicago/california, and it was the ukrainian village aftercrowd.  needless to say we went because online reviews mentioned a lot of dancing, and that is exactly what we found.  daniel is also his name, and he works in niles and knows where jefferson park is because he has to commute there every day.

i went down to see our class show in the loop, and they had taken it down already! it is only the 12th and not the 19th thank you very much! i called alberto and he said he took "really good pictures" so i will have something to put on my resume.

i also talked to an admissions officer at columbia, i told her in high school columbia "freaked me out" and that saic was an "elitist" school. she also went on to say saic is full of rich white kids without actually using the words "rich white kids". so maybe i will fit in there.  she also said it's the largest private art school in the country, which surprised me.  that would also increase my chances of meeting my soulmate dramatically.  he should be 20-27 and preferably from chicago although foreigners are always welcome.
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