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lost bits and pieces

i did not know that daley's father issued a 'shoot to kill' order in 1968 one day after the assassination of MLK jr

i did not know that MLK jr led a march up kedzie in gage park, a few blocks from balzekas, my grandmas old house, and where my parents and all my aunts and uncles went to high school, and that he was hit in the head with a rock and 'fell to his knees' and then the marchers went to their cars parked in marquette park to find them ablaze

balzekas is the lithuanian museum where i'm curating a show in the fall. i never understood how the neighborhood became almost 100% hispanic and what happened to the lithunaians?, now i know.

i did not know that harold washington faced jeering crowds and things spraypainted like 'go home nigger' on the walls of churches he visited on the northwest side

i did not know bernie epton ran against harold in 1983 with the slogan 'before it's too late'
you can see the campaign commercials for the primary and mayoral election at:
daley also ran in this election interestingly enough

i did not know my parents owned a restaurant at 1064 w. argyle from 1980-1982 called 'The Bite Shop'. their grand opening special was a limo ride to and from the Sears tower, and they had polish sausage, pepper and egg, italian beef and hot dogs on the menu.

franz ackermann and katharina grosse are my new favorite painters.
the ex restaurant and where uptown is in chicago

grosse here and ackermann there

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