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nice job vacuuming

slovak love

12/28/08 08:52 pm

dupajasiu oknieneczko
dupajasiu drzwiiiiiiii

11/14/08 11:19 pm - work

in the morning, checking change for new state quarters: BUFFALO NICKEL NO JOKE
in the evening, emptying pockets of change: WHEAT PENNY FROM 1918 FO SHO

10/26/08 02:11 pm - my america

Even if the presidential race draws significant turnout in the more liberal parts of the 4th District, Republican Rep. Steve Buyer has a cushion that makes a Democratic attack difficult.

Only 20 congressional seats nationwide gave President Bush a higher total than the 69 percent he won in the 4th District in 2004. In addition, the sprawling nature of the district, which has no central media, is an obstacle for challengers.

9/11/08 12:42 am - city college puts online spin on college to new low

when i went to german fest in lincoln square i left my bike at the western brown line stop.  3 days later and lots of joe, i forgot about it until he reminded me yesterday. so i said "after school i will take the brown line to get it"

because the best way to get to the brown line is downtown, because i hate the bus and won't take it to fullerton or belmont.

then in architectural drafting my prof says the brown line "is the brown line from hell" because of construction, and i will be stranded at montrose and it will take over an hour to get to western. that would pretty much explain the blue line for the past year, but anyways, i decide to take the blue line to western and then the western bus to the brown line.
it's all good, except for the big black lady next to me who makes sure i "have enough elbow room" then proceeds to sleep, or rather, hug me until i get off. i think she was going through my backpack but then again i could've just been paranoid.

first couchsurfer from germany arrives tomorrow!

9/7/08 01:21 am - officially good times

it was officially the first night i was out in chicago, and said what the fuck? and laughed at the absurdity of the situation.
there i was, at the dank haus.  like the anthenaeum in indianapolis but 8 floors, and a lot more marble and fancy wood, listening to a jazz band consisting of two blacks, 3 hispanics, and one guy directly from munich.
like i said to kirsten rogers, pretty much the demographics of logan square.
they played under a giant picture of the matterhorn, and garlands of paper in the german colors.
above the bar was a picture of that big gate in berlin, where the soviet guy waved the flag after wwII.
then todd from connecticut introduced himself to kirsten and i, he said he was new in town, his wife and him just moved from newark? connecticut, he had no idea where logan square was, i told him west. he then proceeded to dance with some young chick. another chick danced with a fag. 
sometimes i wonder if i will be like todd one day, completely wasted and talking to really young strangers and dancing, well i would call it copying the moves of the chick as best you can. besides, there's not really a rhythm in jazz.
there i was, talking to kirsten rogers and getting boyfriend advice. from kirsten rogers. who sat behind me all year in american history, and gave a cool talk about rothko, and who hung out with a really different crowd. only now is it apparent that we love life in chicago, having someone to make out with, drink with, and generally have a good time.
we also didn't have cash at the diner so we ran out.
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