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nice job vacuuming

slovak love

2/17/09 02:07 am - FUCK YOU

BQ: It looks like you are proposing privatizing 31st Street Beach as part of the Olympic Village plan?

BB: Organized around a central Main Street, the Village will include an exciting range of amenities, including a private lakefront beach, that will support competition preparation as well as celebration. (Vol. 2, page 187)

1/27/09 01:04 am - lost bits and pieces

i did not know that daley's father issued a 'shoot to kill' order in 1968 one day after the assassination of MLK jr

i did not know that MLK jr led a march up kedzie in gage park, a few blocks from balzekas, my grandmas old house, and where my parents and all my aunts and uncles went to high school, and that he was hit in the head with a rock and 'fell to his knees' and then the marchers went to their cars parked in marquette park to find them ablaze

balzekas is the lithuanian museum where i'm curating a show in the fall. i never understood how the neighborhood became almost 100% hispanic and what happened to the lithunaians?, now i know.

i did not know that harold washington faced jeering crowds and things spraypainted like 'go home nigger' on the walls of churches he visited on the northwest side

i did not know bernie epton ran against harold in 1983 with the slogan 'before it's too late'
you can see the campaign commercials for the primary and mayoral election at:
daley also ran in this election interestingly enough

i did not know my parents owned a restaurant at 1064 w. argyle from 1980-1982 called 'The Bite Shop'. their grand opening special was a limo ride to and from the Sears tower, and they had polish sausage, pepper and egg, italian beef and hot dogs on the menu.

franz ackermann and katharina grosse are my new favorite painters.
the ex restaurant and where uptown is in chicago

grosse here and ackermann there

1/14/09 11:18 pm - democracy now! and naomi klein

avondale is a boring shit hole right?
last night i see someone post on couchsurfing.com that they are going to karaoke at central park/belmont, two blocks walk away from my house. no work tomorrow so i decide to go.

i show up, meet the couchsurfing regulars and start downing okocim.  i meet a surfer andris from latvia and another girl from france. they have free cheetoes, pretzels, ferrero rocher, chocolate covered guava and coffee beans.  the bartendress is polish.

i sing psychadelic furs, four tops, the typical.  i sing ludacris with andris and that riled up the crowd.  some guy sings spanish numbers. the guy in charge of requests gives me a free drink card i never redeem, plays air guitar, keytar, and a neon blue blowup saxophone.   when i sang the four tops the chicks went wild and started dancing.

around 5 am the lights came on, the beer disappeared, and a fight breaks out. it is dragged outside onto belmont avenue, no cars are coming so ...so what? they swing at it and next thing i know i'm pulling a girl aside and getting in a car with two others headed to pulaski and fullerton to drop ms. black eye off.

she doesn't want to be seen around with her black eye so we head back east. the car gets stuck somewhere and i get out to push it.  we make it to logan and western.  the three others put money together and want to buy blow.  i'm in a car again asleep once we hit logan, headed to central park and fullerton to pick up. the guys drops it through the window.  we go back to the random chick's place where everyone is high on blow. at this point i realize "day over need productive tomorrow".  she has a dog and i lay down on the couch, the dog bothers me so i sit upright in an armchair where the dog can't get on my lap and fall asleep.

i wake up at 10 am to deep, a couchsurfer from england calling me. i go to sox-35th and meet up with sam and deep at healthy food on halsted. we eat lithuanian then meet up with neil from the nwside and we all get on the pulaski bus to the lithuanian museum.  i meet with the curator, show is due fall 2009 so mark your calendars! this lady ieva put together the vilnius city bid for european capital of culture!!! and the lithuanian pavilion at the venice biennale! then we all watch a movie about lithuanian paganism and amber and then go to the loop.

deep and i go to meet some girls at lazo's near western, and they are great. the one girl is involved in AREA chicago (public housing art research issues) and lives on spaulding and wellington aka super close. actually in the building with the numbers in neon and across from the "Royal Treasure Shop" which was probably never open in the history of the world.

AREA is having an opening tomorrow i will definitely attend, and maybe i will meet deep for bbq @ smoque, and he wants to go to the art institute on a free day. he is from cambridge and is on exchange at harvard learning chinese. god i love couchsurfing. did i mention he's indian aka extremely handsome?

saturday i am going out with the german to the continental, a hipster dance joint in humboldt park. we went last week and danced forever. it was great.

i also got the show flyer from kara: FEB 20 at 3131 w. carroll ave (CTA green line to kedzie)

what a day

the chicago surfing group is having a karaoke night in wicker park i am going to attend.  jeanette from memphis will be there, erin from AREA, maybe some people from the place near me.

1/12/09 11:13 pm

i've done a ton of traversing chicago this past week or so, the best kind. completely unplanned but there i was, riding all kinds of buses and going in all kinds of stations to go places.

i went out to a couchsurfing bar night last week in wicker park, and met some great people. people i was convinced do not exist in this city.  a lot of them looked like hipsters so i didn't talk to everyone i met, but met a german guy who i hung out with over the weekend.  we went to the continental at chicago/california, and it was the ukrainian village aftercrowd.  needless to say we went because online reviews mentioned a lot of dancing, and that is exactly what we found.  daniel is also his name, and he works in niles and knows where jefferson park is because he has to commute there every day.

i went down to see our class show in the loop, and they had taken it down already! it is only the 12th and not the 19th thank you very much! i called alberto and he said he took "really good pictures" so i will have something to put on my resume.

i also talked to an admissions officer at columbia, i told her in high school columbia "freaked me out" and that saic was an "elitist" school. she also went on to say saic is full of rich white kids without actually using the words "rich white kids". so maybe i will fit in there.  she also said it's the largest private art school in the country, which surprised me.  that would also increase my chances of meeting my soulmate dramatically.  he should be 20-27 and preferably from chicago although foreigners are always welcome.

1/2/09 08:17 pm

does anyone else cause massive interference in radios? i feel like a cell phone.
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